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Are We Entering A Cryptocurrency Crisis!?

Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency marketplace has bombed these days. Are we in a disaster? Will the crypto charts and traits get well? I come up with my tackle Cryptocurrency, the place I see it going, and the way I am reacting to this unload.


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  1. Dude, this is a new market with new multi billion investors.. that 3 year recovery will take less that 10 months with todays market. So chill out.

  2. Alchemist_ NickZak

    Another great Video brother! this is nuts that the market is going lower, but….what do we do??? load uppppp

  3. Great Vid! You should do a review of Oyster (PRL) coin before the mainnet drops!!! 🙂

  4. That’s b money

  5. Howisitgoingeverybodymynameisvandwelcomebackto YOUR Altcoins…and TODAYYY!

  6. I'm with you about the opportunities Crypto could provide for the FUTURE… I'm ride or die with this… I feel crypto was brought in my life for a reason.. Hopefully that reason is to start a early retirement

  7. Love your videos. I'm saving this video to watch it in 5 years lol

  8. thanks

  9. I'm such a fan. So very well said and explained. Thank you.

  10. Interesting and insightful commentary. Thank you.

  11. cryptos cant be broken. Buy dont sell

  12. Lol just in the past 5 months being in crypto I am already used to all this ups and downs. I just laugh when the market goes down and my portfolio is in the red. It is all normal. We are just waiting for that tsunami and all of our wildest dreams will come true. Just be patient as the patient ones will be rewarded!

  13. Beam your the man cheers mate

  14. Seriously I thought this guy was asian before seeing his face reveal. LOL

  15. Crypto Blockhead

    Absolutely Brilliant Video. You are expressing my sentiments perfectly. As you said, Don't freak Out. I say….. enjoy the ride of the emotional rollercoaster, This is the beginning of a Paradigm Shift for the betterment of all. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Aronnow Shanto

    ECA, XP, NYC, LCP ….. can u make review for those ?

  17. First time seeing your face B.
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Shakedown Mowch

    Crypto is proving to not be a get rich quick scheme..It is truly turning into a store of assets..Validity in this new emerging market is building.. B many thanks for your realistic view and long-term assurances.. Many people will have to say S.H.I.T (should have invested then) when the market hits new all time highs…

  19. One word….. Wow!

  20. Andre's book "the internet of Money" is the antidote for FUD. I only wish i could buy in big at these times

  21. You speak out of my heart

  22. Marcel Maresch

    Very supporting video. Thxs m8

  23. Not financial advice but I have four grand in usd dry powder , where’s a good level to look for to buy into etherium or bitcoin at ? Thanks

  24. Were the pioneers

  25. Thank you…

  26. dude you opened my eyes. thank you! keep up the good work. keep uploading more videos!

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