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Alibaba partners with TRON? (TRX) to the moon! top 5 Crypto 2018


-my favourite Exchanges to purchase TRON TRX

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  1. Tron is love, tron to the moon!

  2. Tron to 10 cents

  3. No, they didn't partner with Alibaba… I'm saying this as a HODLER.

  4. Jack Ma has said on several occasions, he has no interest in cryptocurrencies.

  5. Make techno great again

    Omg i would love it

  6. The Tron community is really starting to come together. good to see. Justin Sun is the perfect fit for trx as well.

  7. i bought in at 5 cents and still fully confident in them. about to buy more this week now that its still 3-4.

  8. Edmonton Videographer & Video Production | Third Born Entertainment

    Tron Funkin Blow

  9. 0.04 * 5 does NOT equal 2 bucks )) Nice math, dude

  10. Wtf : tron owner is satoshi

  11. dislike for bad math

  12. I believe tron will go up to $2 too 2018, but the math would be 0.04 X 5, not 0.4 X 5, making it $20

  13. I'd be happy with .10c lol.

  14. I made a mistake a 5x gain would be 20 cents a 50x would be 2 dollars which I see TRX doing! not to late to buy TRX on Binance

  15. Tron.. wow…..go.go.go…

  16. Guys I just got $4612on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~> freepplmoney.win/?iENCvX

  17. Tron 29c now on YoBit

  18. Bull Fn shyt no Alibaba partner I work there I would know… This channel is full of ancient alien dog shyt.. Don't believe this chump

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  20. If you use words like moon then u don't know shit

  21. Tron is a paperweight. It will go no higher then a buck if that.

  22. Random bullshit stories. Jack ma does not believe in crypto so why would they partner with tron a small ass coin?

  23. #tron need to be reduce its quantity to go moon like what happened with EMC2

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