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A Look Into Litecoin’s LitePay [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

A Look Into Litecoin’s LitePay [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/12/2018 – https://CryptosRUs.com

A take a look at what is taking place with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and different cryptocurrencies lately. Market motion is transferring rather up. A glance into what I love and what I search for within the cryptocurrency marketplace. Also a take a look at Litecoin’s LitePay fee gateway and how it’ll permit traders or trade to take Litecoin as a fee within the close to long term.

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Full Disclaimer: I’m really not a monetary consultant. Everything I say is my very own opinion and you will have to no longer take my opinion as monetary recommendation. I personal most of the cash I talk about inside of my movies.

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  1. Polymath wants to be like a platform for wallstreet ICOs (or STOs). Problem is it’s only on etherdelta, volume is under 1000 bucks daily. The only reason it showed up in the first 100 is because price has been static for a month since no one buys it. It’s at 0 % the whole month. Since everything is -60% it shows up in the first 100 %. I want to buy it. But i am betting it will be at that price next month. With 1000$ volumen this is pump n dump meat.

  2. Charlie lee didnt create litepay

  3. Hmmm I wonder if they have an option where it doesn't convert USD as a merchant?

  4. Well Litecoin is Bitcoin's little twin brother.

  5. I like this new educational format.

  6. Multi Billion dollar companies setting up their websites on Wix lol

  7. It would be so intersting for you to take a look into a coin (for 5-10 minutes or so) on video, mid way through when going down on the list that you don't know about, like you mentioned about Polymath. It'd be nice to see what specifics you look at when identifying a possible new good coin. I'm sure others would be interested also!

  8. Red pulse listed on binance, I believe

  9. Is the Litepay card affiliated with Visa or MasterCard?

  10. One thing you don't realize is that litepay isn't something that litecoin created. This was done by a 3rd party company. Giving the litecoin foundation crap because a 3rd party vendor copied a site is unfair.

  11. Kind of sketched out that these multi billion dollar companies releasing shopify style websites

  12. Any chance you could review at zero n polymath

  13. What about the capital gains tax associated with every transaction ? That may make it difficult for adoption

  14. 24:56 Flashed Back to the with Tommy On The Roof

  15. Good stuff Geo

  16. Litecoin Litepay out Feb 26. Stock up on your LTC.

  17. reynir sigurvin Brynjolfsson

    Litecoin circulating supply is only 55 million not 84

  18. Hey, is there a way to get coins off of Binance into a wallet without paying fees? I got Eidoo, but for example, I have 36 Substratum coins, and when I go to withdraw to my wallet they charge me 14 of my coins, so that I can only transfer 22….really doesn't seem worth it! Any way to get these off the exchange without fees? Thanks for any tips or advice here.

  19. hi everyone free mining btc link https://getcryptotab.com/4149

  20. Good idea on the format change, I like the idea of focusing on the different categories. Keep it up!

  21. Thank you for time and all you do for us…can you please review neon(nex) exchange for us please. Thank you.

  22. Casually Gaming Tv

    Who minds if the websites look the same? Bitcoin and Litecoin are brothers they are different ends of the same stick, all that matters is the function-ability of the site and Litecoin to turn out successful in the end.

  23. Please shoot an instructional video fro newbies about Enterprise Platform Companies and what exactly they do sir…

  24. Thanks for the knowledge and video.

  25. Thanks George for FINALLY acknowledging RChain lol 😛

  26. Thanks man i love your videos!…. are u here in Chicago too? Im here in Loyola University.

  27. Thanks for always keeping it real George. No one on social media comes close to presenting things in a positive manner. We need more guys like you to help build a positive crypto community, empowering and encouraging people to do their own research while being transparent about what you are looking at and what you like in terms of buys is a huge bonus too! Thanks for all the hard work, I know you could be out there making more trades and doing more research for yourself instead of making daily videos for us.

  28. Do you feel there will be a case use for etherium classic, if etherium transactions get impacted? I feel like it would be easy for coins to jump to etherium classic if etherium's transaction fees get too high. I personally agree with you, but just a thought there might be a slight upside.

  29. Hello George, When you have time please take a look at Electroneum – ETN. I think this Coin has a lot of potential in short, mid, and long-term hold. In fact, I believed ETN can be a huge thing in the future. Thanks.

  30. Did Tether print Euro Tether and Ethereum Tether out of thin air recently to prop up prices?? Is this whole thing propped up by Tether printing money?

  31. Don't wait to see what happens otherwise you'll miss the boat

  32. George what do you think about SRN by SirinLabs. Their project is blockchain smartphone and OS.

  33. Love your new setup ! and the way you give insights on the market. Thanks! Keep it up

  34. 31:30 "I like companies that have a working product." and you still don't like BCH. You should consider researching a bit. Satoshi Nakamoto told the developers how to rise the blocksize before leaving. I'm not going to say anything more. Unsubscribed. Oh yeah and do more paid promos please, you're now just like every other youtuber. Sad.

  35. Payment systems are necessary, we need a second layer to reach more people and make the things easier.
    I'm waiting for the implementation of payment systems that accept privacy coins like Monero, DeepOnion or Electroneum?

  36. German Shepherd life Gunner

    Definitely am looking into litecoin . Check out on twitter the handle "businesses that accept litecoin " WildchildSings
    Doctors , dentists , lawyers, independent contractors , thousands of restraunts and salons >>>>> are all taking litecoin . Its obvious that it is being massively adopted .

  37. Red Pulse got pumped cuz it got listed on binance, you mentioned it in this video so thought you should know

  38. dev page is broken on litepay site too

  39. Sounds good to me. It’s crypto and goes with the open source thing. It’s all good in my book. Bring it on baby

  40. Crypterium will make payments with ANY COIN OR TOKEN possible without physical card at over 42mill stores. Checkem out

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  42. My recommendation is FIRST MILLION ROAD for hassle free trading with frequent winning signals

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