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#6 Mining Ethereum on MSI Radeon RX580 Gaming X (Plus) 31 Hash

In this video we are appearing our newest BIOS MOD. We are working the MSI Radeon RX580 Gaming X and Gaming X Plus on 31 Mh/s!!!

To get the bios document:
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In the ready time you should get started the usage of this information to get to the blockchain driving force: https://youtu.be/JRS1NMGaYe4
Feel unfastened to donate ETH of mining soms hours on our pockets:

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  1. For download; Please Subsribe to my channel, Like the video and give me your email. I'll send some instructions and a link!

  2. please forward link, many thanks.

  3. Link please, appreciate your efforts for the community!

  4. Could i please get link?

  5. Been trying to get my RX580 Gaming X to go to 29MH/s. Stuck at 25MH/s

  6. Would u happen to have a modded bios for MSI rx580 gaming x Samsung memory ?

  7. nice work. can I get the plus version rom and oc values please?

  8. i am your subscriber pls give me bios for msi rx580 8gb hynix

  9. my email address is iqbalzamani5@gmail.com

  10. Nice i would like to have it too! Please send me the link

  11. would like this bios

  12. hook me up

  13. hook me up

  14. pandandutsnow@hotmail.com (liked + subscribed) thx bro.

  15. Anyone know what hash-rate the gaming x Plus gets stock ? with ETH

  16. ready Subscribe + Like , pls send me the link

  17. A very good mod!

  18. Carlos A Marchiani

    Hi Kris, I am trying to Mod my MSI rx 580 Cards Gaming X 8Gb . I am using Driver Version 17.7 : Please send me your mod BIOS to cmarchiani@gmail.com

  19. Todsapon Manpakdee

    I'm interest to have this setup files. Please send to me @ bbapplenokia@gmail.com

  20. So subscribed, liked, send me too pls, i'd like to try it out 🙂 For which memory do you have the bios file?

  21. Can i have liink for the download please and thank you.

  22. Scotty Harris-walker

    please send me link to mod 🙂

  23. I liked and subscribed.

  24. nice video… would you send me the rom file… bobbi.jankoski@gmail.com... thx man…

  25. Liked and subscribed, norwild29new@gmail.com btw mine is samsung-hynix memory

  26. please send me the modified Bios for MSI gaming X PLUS 8GB 580 memory hynix and another one for memory samsung

  27. link 🙂

  28. Interesting

  29. Liked and subscribed:) chaqlee@gmail.com

  30. Hey Kris, liked and subscribed, is it for the 256k ROM ? i need one, thanks

  31. i realy need ur help my msi rx 580 stock in 16 mhs !!!!!

  32. Whats your vRam ?
    And share link bios please ?

  33. Link please

  34. Hello, Can i get the bios please?

  35. Great video, I only get 28,7 Mh. can you help me please

  36. Hello, link please, appreciate your efforts for the community!

  37. done sub n like pls pass me on mansooriqbal@gmail.com
    I got Rx580 gaming x plus with samsung nand.

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