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$530 Million HACK Follow-Up, Ohio Embraces Bitcoin, Unibright Update – Today’s Crypto News

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In this video, Mattie will provide you with the most recent from Coincheck and the $530 million value of crypto hack that came about previous this 12 months. He additionally talks about Ohio now accepting bitcoin and to spherical issues up, Mattie will provide you with an replace on Unibright. This is a day-to-day section!
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Coincheck Finally Back In Business 10 Months After $530 Million Hack
https://altcoinbuzz.io/coincheck-in spite of everything-again-in-business-10-months-after-530-million-hack/

Money Group Press Release

Talking About Adoption: Ohio Allows Businesses To Pay Their Taxes With Bitcoin
https://altcoinbuzz.io/speaking-about-adoption-ohio-lets in-companies-to-pay-their-taxes-with-bitcoin/

Ohio Becomes The First State To Allow Taxpayers To Pay Tax Bills Using Cryptocurrency

Ohio will quickly be the primary state to simply accept Bitcoin for taxes

Unibright Update – Community Speaks

Unibright solutions — Exchanges (Update)

Current State of Development (November 22nd 2018) —SAP integration.


Bitcoin Latest Slumps are Breaking the Records

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  1. Crypto is dead

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  3. I unsubscribed because I cannot follow a false prophet

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but I heard Ohio has a payment processor for BTC that just converts it into fiat

  5. Mattie, u r a breath of fresh air, however i for one wish u would give your thoughts on the implications of paying tax with bitcoin please.

  6. What if it's all rigged & they suppress it for twenty years?

  7. не чотак

  8. I think Arizona already does that

  9. Could you take a look at WaBi? they are releasing a lot of new partnerships in December + a rebranding.

  10. Unibright is doing so good! Pilot customers will be announced EOY. Stay tuned 🙂

  11. Unibright. Made in germany = high tech quality

  12. Am glad Ohio has adopted Bitcoin. This is time to start spending my 5 BTC

  13. I am invested in UBT but I want so much more

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  15. brilliant strategy…….crypto staged learning: early adopters sold step 1: “ make big money in crypto” and the smart few did. step 2: the sad many HODL and profits vanish to the point now looking at the new “currency of choice” in their own private portfolios and familiarize the self for next 5 years or so with a 6 or 8 or even 18 digit decimal system. step 3: the masses are slowly introduced to this by their banks, brokers, city halls, schools, employers, and all media forms. abc. 123. look at me.

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