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5 Coins to Watch! – Bitcoin Rich List (FBI?) – Ripple XRP 5 New Exchanges!- ADA NEWS!

Bitcoin T/A Chart – Bitcoin pumped!
Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners
Cryptocurrency Trading Volume Rises
One Fifth of All Bitcoin Is Missing
My Doges, they’re far and wide….
Best investments from cryptocurrency hedge price range visualised
Indian Police Seek to Sell Crypto and Bypass RBI Ban
Ripple XRP Hits 5 New Exchanges
Modulus Exchange Tech Helps You HODL Faster
FCoin Has Blocked the Ethereum Network
Mining Cryptocurrency in Dorm Room
China – USA Trade problems may push NEO above ETH
U.S. Regulatory Clarity Aids New Bitcoin ETF Application
four Crypto’s and an ICO making main strikes
Stellar Co-Founder Named In Blockchain best 10 Individuals
Charles Hoskinson’s replace on Cardano
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  1. Always awesome Chris, you are the best!!!

  2. CryptoBitcoinChris

    Links to those Graphics in the Video:
    -Blockchain Dictionary for Beginners: https://i.redd.it/wscrr01xak811.jpg
    -Dogecoin Memes: https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/comments/8wuzgr/my_doges_they_are_everywhere/
    -Best investments from cryptocurrency hedge funds visualised: https://imgur.com/7ap1dXl
    -Litecoin burnt burl sold in portland: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/8wvpp5/spotted_at_the_portland_saturday_market/

    Thank you everyone for watching and commenting! Please subscribe if you haven't already!

  3. Thanks for the news, I didn't know we went green tonight, been cleaning. LOL

  4. Chris, i know I keep bugging you but take a look into ETN. Just got their wallet added to Apple. They are making moves… coin to watch this year…my guess is ~10x from the price now by 2019

  5. Another manipulated wall straight to 7,700. Not touching crypto until charts look normal. Obvious manipulation is obvious. Zero trust.

    But, there’s always a but, my miner is running and I’m actively looking for sites that accept crypto to buy crap 😉

  6. Great info Chris thanks you.

  7. Barbara Taylor

    Great info! Great job as usual, appreciate all the hard work you put in to keep us all informed! Your efforts don't go unnoticed!

  8. Breaking Toast

    thankyou Chris i will check out that new exchange here in Australia good info i like the fact that they are hot on ripple

  9. Breaking Toast

    hopefuly the etfs go through it makes purchasing easier for those who dont know how to buy btc or any cryptos good news

  10. this may sound odd but you should explain the whole bot thing.. I been into crypto for quite awhile and i still do not full understand it and how bot affect prices.

  11. darryl lecours

    XRP is unstoppable

  12. Michael Delanzo

    Whats your opinion on KIN…read it and looks great ,,hooked up with Steller…ETH as well,,super cheap……….

  13. I missed the fantom ico. Wonder where it will release

  14. Robert Tomkinson

    George soros invested $100 million in overstock about 6 months ago. It was crypto related.

  15. Awesome info, Thanks for your time

  16. Davi Vitor - Investimentos Diversos

    Thanks for the news

  17. Doesn't Elastos do the same as Neo. I was reading that China favors ELA and very small supply. Half of NEO cost.

  18. So much positive News! ADA, $30! NEO! Whoever HODL’s Anyshares their future is Bright! Thanks Chris your Growth is Amazing!

  19. dimitrius sergivius

    keep up the good work CBC! Here in Canada thats also a main TV station lol

  20. Danny Vermeulen

    Btc pump to 6.825k but there is no volume(btc 3.9bill and market only 12.37 bill in 24 hours?)Another both manipulation?If whe go higher above 6.9k what coins you are looking at for take a position,thanks best regards.

  21. Silk Road was an FBI psy-op from the get-go. FBI = Federal Bureau of Insurrection. That guy isn't in prison. He's been sheep-dipped and is required to make a phony cameo every now again. Maybe they will "kill-him-on-paper" at some point, to fully dip him. Every story in the MSM is a government trick. In the drug dealing matket, the FBI has nothing on the CIA.

  22. Temitayo Adeosun

    Hi BC Chris, what would you prefer to get into ADA or Zilliqa? Also , what do you think of Digibyte ? Been hearing good things about it.

  23. trying like hell to find your trezor link to buy a wallet, seems youtube is not publishing it anymore. Sorry, dude.

  24. Zuckerberg is a puppet, Facebook is a CIA psyop, research look it up plenty of information out there

  25. Had to find a video from a couple of weeks ago but finally found one with the trezor link and ordered one. Unfortunately, it doesn't support the thekey (tky) like their support person assured me it did. Really want to get that off the exchange but no luck yet. If you have an idea, I'd appreciate you sharing it. Thanks.

  26. Does Justin vindetta really see his coin going to $100?!

  27. hey CBC that was a cool the basics chart on twitter

  28. .5 and 5 % to to find it??? only if you can gamble and tried it because nothing else has worked.

  29. FBI, i bet they got a bunch of Ethereum aswell no wonder why they arent a security. Lol

  30. Thank you for the info. I have BNB, ONION, ADA in my portfolio. Bull is on the way.

  31. CODIUS is the ETHEREUM killer

  32. Rickyticky Bobbywobbin

    XRP mooning in 2019 … Mini $200.00 – $150.00 .. take this opportunity now and don't miss it like you missed BTC when once was a PENNY !

  33. This is one of my favorite videos on your channel! #GreatNews #Veryinformative.

  34. New Hat?! I fear change! lol thanks for the news Chris

  35. Watch out for TRON!

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