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25 Zotac 1070 Mini Mining Setup!!

The new motherboard I had for rig four wasn’t running correctly so I needed to revert again to the use of my outdated five card board at the table and shoving 2 GPU’s within the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX case. Having the small table and observe is helping so much when you find yourself troubleshooting.

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XMR: 4GYwK17hFGb1q4G4G79xsyCotqjHqt2AkKf3cMHvSkh984df431yfRHASaBdDL1TiRcp1Lazxo9Pp9JzV9teYz1C33EBhhUmtAb5Gd2e9k

ETH: 0xE39b2F0C3eDB008b2cc1575661999C4927cAc931

LTC: MQW6u6TMnrw2ehEoKWx8gj3cPqmi34V6yJ

XRP: rNdEA1fWoP6qerAA42HhwvPH1o6brr26f4

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  1. I’m still holding. Praying for the best with all cryptos lol

  2. Do you use nicehash for all your rigs?

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