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2018: Why & How Ethereum Market Cap will bypass Bitcoin

Due to loss of scalability, professionals opinion for the following 12 months is that marketplace proportion of ethereum will bypass bitcoin and emerge as some of the most sensible crytpocurrency buying and selling on this planet.

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  1. Alexsander Esteban Tapia

    We will have to wait and see

  2. Player's Choice Video Games

    It was slow last week. Back to normal now

  3. Mean while ETH is losing value against BTC

  4. They are forgetting Lightning

  5. this is an old video. not from dec. 13

  6. Watched at double speed :3

  7. ah no! ethereum is always used to buy new icos so that's why it's so popular.

  8. Kathryn J. Hernandez

    It's already December 18. Ethereum went to $818. I'm hearing $2000 in 2018. Maybe higher. Lots happening with it now.

  9. Buy Litecoin now ! there will be millions going into Litecoin over the holiday break as first time investors will buy 1 to 5 Litecoin wanting to get their feet wet in cryptos and its the cheapest on coinbase – once it recovers from Charlie Lees sell off and people are off work looking to invest in their time off – WATCH OUT ! get it now while its cheap ! 500 by new year minimum.
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  10. Buy ETH fast , it will be 1.3k by the end of february. Ethereum is future guys!

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