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OP_Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin Debate

OP_Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin Debate


This week Andrew Stone, the lead developer of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), printed a 42-page paper that main points the evolution of the authentic OP_Group proposal. OP_Group is a unmarried OP_Code which may be added to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community’s scripting language so as to successfully create coloured cash. However, in contrast to different consultant token protocols like Omni or Counterparty, if the OP_Group protocol used to be used it might require a protocol exchange, and miners would validate coloured cash inside of the affirmation of ordinary transactions.

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Bitcoin Unlimited’s Andrew Stone Publishes the Evolution of the OP_Group Proposal

OP_Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin DebateEarlier this week, information.Bitcoin.com reported on the upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community improve that may happen in November. The Bitcoin ABC building crew printed a timeline of sure objectives like development and sharpening the zero.18 ABC instrument and launching the consumer through October 15. However, the builders didn’t element precisely what is going to be integrated in the subsequent improve.

A few days later, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Andrew Stone printed the evolution of the OP_Group proposal which is an implementation that might successfully upload a plethora of options like consultant tokens. Although, the proposal does no longer have large consensus simply but as different builders have selection concepts for coloured coin introduction and a few suppose the OP_Group is also dangerous.

OP_Group Could Extend the BCH Script Language to Allow a Plethora of Features

Bitcoin Unlimited’s lead developer Andrew Stone believes the neighborhood must pay attention and take part in the coloured coin dialogue. Alongside publishing the 42-page document, Stone has additionally left a video of the discussion that includes the BCH ‘Token Work Group.’ The workforce is composed of builders corresponding to BU’s Stone, and Andrea Suisani, Bitcoin.com’s Emil Oldenburg, Bitcoin ABC’s Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor, Jason Cox, Nchain’s Steve Shadders, Daniel Connolly, and the Electron Cash developer Jonald Fyookball.      

“This is the evolution of the original OP_Group proposal — It’s no longer an opcode, so name change,” Stone explains. “The document is a bit long but that’s because it lays out a roadmap to extending the BCH script language to allow some pretty awesome features but at the same time preserving bitcoin script’s efficiency. For example, in the end, I show how you could create a bet with OP_Datasigverify, and then tokenize the outcome of that bet to create a prediction market.”

I strongly urge other folks to pay attention moderately to this dialogue, even supposing you aren’t that eager about tokens, because it displays beautiful transparent philosophical variations that may most probably affect BCH building for future years.

OP_Group or Tokeda? A Look at the BCH Color Coin Debate

Some Proponents Disagree With OP_Group and They Believe Tokenization Can Happen Without Making BCH Consensus Changes

Basically, Bitcoin Cash proponents who disagree with Stone’s OP_Group proposal choose tokenization concepts that don’t require a metamorphosis to the BCH codebase. Further, some other folks consider it might be more secure to make use of protocols that paintings outdoor the primary chain and perform like a sidechain or one thing equivalent. Another thought being mentioned is ‘Tokeda,’ a token-driven metadata proposal written through Joannes Vermorel. The 31-page Tokeda proposal may be an early draft closing up to date, March 30, 2018, this is incomplete, explains Vermorel.

Tokeda addresses each the problem of viably protecting an unbounded quantity of metadata with out endangering Bitcoin itself and the problem of introducing tokens inside of Bitcoin through weaving the two issues via aligned financial incentives,” explains Vermorel’s paper.

Tokeda is suitable with stateless wallets (which come with SPV wallets) and calls for no consensus exchange. As a token scheme, Tokeda is dependent upon a trust-but-verify safety type focused round the issuer.

Vermorel believes the BCH neighborhood wishes to be informed from the scaling problems the Ethereum community faces through making tokenization more practical.

“Since, it is now clear that tokenization does not require a change of the base protocol, it’s up to the market to deliver solutions, based on Tokeda, or anything deemed superior,” Vermorel main points. “If there is one lesson to be learned from ETH it’s violating the locality principle in your design kills the scalability.”

A Matter of Opinion and the Benefits of a Universal Method that Creates Permissionless Tokens

Many others have mentioned their reviews relating to Stone’s OP_Group proposal and Vermorel’s Tokeda. Following Stone’s printed paper, Jonald Fyookball printed a few of his subjective valuations in a paper referred to as ‘Thoughts on Tokens for BCH.’

“Whether or not we should change the BCH protocol to add GROUP is a risk/reward question and a matter of opinion,” Fyookball states. “Part of what made ERC20 so successful is how easy it is for anyone to create and issue a token, and for the ecosystem to support it. The BCH protocol already allows colored coins but no one uses it because the ecosystem doesn’t support it.”

In any case, I consider BCH would a great deal get pleasure from a common way for doing SPV-friendly, permissionless tokens.

What do you take into accounts the OP_Group proposal described through BU’s Andrew Stone? What do you take into accounts different concepts like Joannes Vermorel’s Tokeda? Let us know your ideas in this matter in the remark phase under.

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