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On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for Off-Chain BTC

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC

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This week a person printed he had finished the primary trustless change via buying and selling on-chain bitcoin coins (BCH) for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC) the use of Alex Bosworth’s submarine change protocol.

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On-Chain Bitcoin Cash Submarine Swapped for Off-Chain BTC

The decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin coins (BCH) was once traded over the Lightning Network this week for off-chain bitcoin core (BTC). According to a person on Reddit named u/Darkdeepths, he says he’s been lucky to look Bosworth’s submarine change checking out and made up our minds to check the protocol himself. The submarine swap protocol is an atomic on-chain and off-chain buying and selling platform created via Bosworth that permits a individual to make use of on-chain finances to pay for an off-chain Lightning bill. Users can take a look at the protocol with testnet cash and the method was once not too long ago utilized by Jason Wong for an on-chain litecoin (LTC) transaction traded for an off-chain BTC transaction. The Reddit person Darkdeepths made up our minds to make use of bitcoin coins for the experiment two days in the past.

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC
Darkdeepths BCH for BTC submarine change.

“I’m trustlessly swapping On-Chain BCH for Off-Chain BTC,” explains Darkdeepths. “I am fortunate enough to get a look at some of the cool submarine swap technology that Alex Bosworth is building — I decided I wanted to test turning some of my on-chain BCH to Lightning Network BTC.”

I created a Lightning pockets on Moneni.com and generated the Lightning bill there. Alex already had channel capability, so all I had to do was once input the bill and pay the script that he supplied. His carrier additionally returned a payload with a redeem script and a block top and then I may declare a refund (in case issues went south).

On-Chain BCH Used in a Submarine Swap for off-Chain BTC
Concepts like Plasma and Atomic Swaps have turn into extra fashionable during the last 12 months.

Atomic Swaps and Plasma Trading May Invigorate the Concept of Decentralized Exchanges

A couple of Bitcoin Cash proponents appeared to like the concept that on-chain BCH was once swapped trustlessly for off-chain BTC. Darkdeepths experiment was once a top post at the bitcoin-cash targeted discussion board r/btc on August nine. Furthermore, Darkdeepths stated he might attempt to opposite the method all through his subsequent take a look at.   

“It was pretty exciting executing the swap with real assets,” Darkdeepths says.   

Thinking of making an attempt the opposite quickly (asking for BCH-on-chain for my BTC-on-LN). must paintings when the change is initiated from all sides of the industry.

Ideas like those make it imaginable for other folks to understand the chances of trustless buying and selling and really decentralized exchanges. Ideas like atomic swaps, and plasma are making it imaginable for buyers to change cryptocurrencies with out a 3rd birthday celebration concerned and lots of decentralized exchanges are basing their fashions on some type of cross-chain swaps.

What do you take into consideration the person who effectively swapped an on-chain BCH transaction for some off-chain BTC? Do you assume ideas like those might be useful for decentralized exchanges? Let us know your ideas in this matter in the remark phase beneath.

Images by means of Shutterstock, Pixabay, and Alex Bosworth’s Submarine Swap web page. 

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