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EURO Future SEP18 (1d)

EURO Future SEP18 (1d)


Trading Signal
Long Position (EP) : 1.181
Stop Loss (SL) : 1.17345
Take Profit (TP) : 1.199, 1.21605

E6 shaped Double Repo Buy at 1d period of time. Trade setup with Buy Limit at zero.382 Level (1.181) and position forestall after zero.618 stage (1.17345). Once the placement used to be hit, position take benefit sooner than an settlement (1.199) and 1.21605

Money Management
Money in portfolio : $80,000
Risk Management (five%) : $four,000

Position Sizing
$zero.1 = +-$10 (Standard)
Commission price = -$2.47/contract (Standard)
EP to SL = $zero.00755 = -$943.75/contract (STD)
Contract measurement to open = four usual contracts
EP to TPnumber 1 = $zero.zero18 = +$2,250 (STD)
EP to TP#2 = $zero.03505 = +$four,381.25 (STD)

Expected Result
Commission Fee = -$19.76
Loss = -$three,775
Gain#1 = +$four,500
Gain#2 = +$eight,762.five
Total Gain = +$13,262.five
Risk/Reward Ratio = three.49

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